Break downs and confusion leave fans scratching heads

February 13, 2018

Stinga 21S during Southern 80 Bakers Blitz. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Arkham Asylum during the Southern 80 President's Dash/Tim Driver Memorial. Photo by Luke Hemer.

TWO of the biggest stories of the day did not happen on the finish line.

And they involved two of the biggest names in ski racing.

The first was Arkham Asylum.

The winner of the 2017 Barrie Beehag entered the weekend as the dark horse of many fans to win the competition.

It had edged out two of the superclass boats — Pigs Arsenal and The Mistress — at the Beehag.

After the President’s Dash, it was no longer a smokey.

In a time of 06:39 it had broken 99 Psycho Clowns’ 2015 record and had qualified third for Sunday’s racing.

But at the end of Sunday, it was a did not finish.

The boat had stopped on the course and was not able to complete their race.

Another big story was the mystery surrounding Stinga.

The former champion and Unlimited Inboard Expert record holder’s time for the Blitz was not released on the day, revealed overnight to be 06:54.

Confusion continued on Sunday when the boat did not start the race.

The return of a former champion should have been celebrated.

Instead, it was met with disappointment.

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