Definitely not angry about second super win

February 13, 2018

Bad Temper during the Southern 80. Photo by Luke Hemer.

BAD Temper has done it again.

And wiped more than two minutes off its previous time.

In its second Super Social victory in as many years, the team produced a time of 37.43.

The first boat to hit the Murray on Sunday morning was one of the fastest for the entire session.

Skier Jason Jones said the team was incredibly happy with the result.

‘‘It was a really good result for us,’’ Jones said.

‘‘We were slow and steady in our approach to the race, we tried keeping at a steady pace throughout and we took the best drive that we could.’’

Despite being the first boat on the water, Jones said there were some issues in terms of the course.

‘‘The water was a bit choppy at times so we had to make good use of the better areas of water to try and keep our time down.’’

Another boat that was able to get good use of the water was Showbiz.

While the boat was almost two minutes slower than Bad Temper, it was able to jump into second place on the back of a strong drive.

Driver David Tidswell, however, was not a major fan of his own work.

‘‘I don’t think my driving was that crash hot, I made a few errors on corners throughout, but we got the job done,’’ he said.

Tidswell said previous racers had little impact on their performance.

‘‘We had a clean run, no traffic which you always need if you are going to put down a good time. We made up a lot of time on the boat ahead of us, so we were really happy with the result.’’

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